Under Construction

If you are pre-qualified for a mortgage we can offer you the ability of securing anyone of the houses currently being rehabbed in our continuously growing inventory of “under construction” properties listed below and the properties listed under our “pipeline” also below. You will need to reach out to us personally if you are interested in customizing your next home. A full scale rehab has already commenced for those properties listed “Under Construction”. We will update our progress for those properties on a weekly basis. Basic information in regards to location, neighborhood, and approximate projected list price will also be found along with pictures giving you an idea of what the house currently looks like. The quicker you choose to “lock” a house down, the more customization opportunities we can offer you. The properties listed in our “pipeline” are properties that we currently have under contract and the rehab is just days to weeks from getting started. The pipeline properties offer a potential buyer the highest level of customization opportunity. If you can dream it, we can build it.

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